Related to the industry of managed it services Toronto Amazon Web Services is now laboring on a brand new offering. It will allow big enterprise customers to have the ability to manage as well as monitor the workloads of their public clouds in a self-service manner. It could rival other top it solutions in toronto, according to CRN.

The product has received the code name Sentinel. It includes a group of automated tools that deal with some functions that AWS MSP partners provide now. One source in the know about the Sentinel offering stated that it’s an extremely narrow case. However, it is a sign of Amazon’s entry into the world of MSP.

Many MSP that have constructed businesses based on migrating and managing and automating business workloads on the cloud shared that’s worried that Sentinel might rival their companies’ offerings.

One anonymous partner stated that MSPs create long-term revenue, which is in big demand. Therefore, Sentinel is perceived as a rival service. The source stated that they hope AWS won’t grow it as time passes and then compete with the channel. However, the person also stated that it would be difficult for Amazon to deny their top customers who hope to directly purchase the services.

AWS has already invited some MSP partners throughout the world to participate in Sentinel’s beta testing. They added that the partners would aid customers in getting the service working in their own environments.

However, Aws is downplaying the chance for conflicts of channels. It has been informing the MSPs that it has plans to only sell Sentinel to a few of its biggest customers, and that their product is built for a small group of basic workloads of which customized software isn’t included.

A source that has insider knowledge of the offering stated that multi-national companies with workloads that are a good fit, and they would prefer AWS taking care of the infrastructure instead of another party, then they can purchase Sentinel from AWS directly.

AWS has been developing Sentinel for over one year, and maybe as far back as 2013. However, the sources reported that the time-table for rolling out the product is unclear. Meanwhile, one AWS spokeswoman reported in an e-mailed statement that the company doesn’t make comments about rumors. However, it would note that it’s always built services while keeping in mind its partner ecosystem. This allows its partners to leverage/extend what it builds to make unique solutions for clients with added value.

Another main reason AWS is now working on Sentinel is due to the fact that its MSPs now offer a wide range of different pricing models/features. That can cause a confusing situation for customers. AWS is making a basic MSP service via Sentinel. Partners can then model their own services based on it to build an experience for customers that is more consistent.

AWS hasn’t made any public statements about Sentinel. However, it seems it’s been hiring staff in order to run/support it. Last December Amazon listings posted job openings that included AWS Sentinel support and also Sentinel operations team.